Foam Roofing Systems

Experience the Benefits of the PERFORMANCE SPRAY FOAM Roofing System

PERFORMANCE Foam Roofing Systems


PERFORMANCE FOAMS technicians are experts in the installation of NCFI GRAVELEDFOAM Roofing Systems. The NCFI System solves leaking, flat roof problems and save thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and energy costs. This proven roofing system incorporates high compressive strength, seamless sprayed-in-place rigid polyurethane foam with a thick layer of protective gravel.

Experience the Benefits!

Foam Roofing Systems

  • Stop leaks
  • Improve drainage
  • Improve insulation
  • Eliminate most tear-offs
  • Save money
  • UL listed
  • Self-flashing

An investment in a low cost trouble-free NCFI GRAVELEDFOAM Roof will return dividends in savings and comfort for years to come.

Why Choose a Foam Roofing System:

Foam Roofing SystemsBesides costing less to install and even less to maintain when compared to conventional roofing systems, NCFI GRAVELFOAM offers several important performance features that set it apart from the competition.

Because the foam is self-adhering and sprayed in place, there are no seams, channels, complex flashings or overlapping edges for water to seep through.

Rigid polyurethane exhibits superior compressive strength, and when combined with the protective gravel layer, provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

The unique combination of foam and gravel provides the best possible protection from the elements. This roof system evenly disperses precipitation and ice in the winter and enhances evaporation in the summer.

Polyurethane foam is specially formulated with closed cells, which makes it one of the best insulating materials on the market today. This translates into drastically reduced energy costs. The foam is so efficient, it has been used by NASA to insulate the external fuel tanks on the space shuttles.

Improved Drainage
Because the polyurethane foam is sprayed in place, it can be tapered to improve water drainage on an existing roof. This eliminates the detrimental effects of standing water.

UL Approved
NCFI GRAVELFOAM passes the Class A fire test in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL 790.

While polyurethane foam’s closed cell structure is impervious to liquid water, water vapor can diffuse through the foam, eliminating moisture vapor traps.

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